‘Money Guy’ and Previous Investment Advisor Philip Rousseaux in Litigation Again

Miller Stern Lawyers, LLC 410- Law Firm is currently investigating claims against Financial Advisor Philip Rousseaux and Everest Wealth Management allegations of violations of various securities laws.  According to the Daily Record, Investment adviser Philip Rousseaux is in another legal battle with his own lawyers this time, facing a lawsuit seeking to recover more than $470,000 in unpaid fees.

“Rousseaux was the owner of Everest Wealth Management, a Towson-based firm known for its popular “Money Guys” infomercial.” The firm was previously barred from doing business in Maryland due to allegations of fraud and securities law violations. Rousseaux’s investment adviser registration was also revoked.”

Potomac-based law firm of Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker P.A. allegedly began representing Rousseaux in 2014and according to their lawsuit, has an outstanding balance of $471,197 that he has refused to pay.

After claims of avoiding process, Rousseaux exclaims “I am now back in the States and will need to find counsel to reply to this lawsuit and properly defend myself against these allegations as well as a consideration of a counterclaim,” he wrote.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Robert A. Greenberg denied Rousseaux’s motion for continuence and held a hearing without Rousseaux, according to electronic court records. A one-day trial is scheduled for June 4.

“Rousseaux filed an answer in the case on March 2 and said he intends to defend himself and seek counsel.” Greenberg also denied a motion for order of default against Rousseaux, filed Feb. 28, last week, finding that he had responded and the court would treat the late filing as timely, according to electronic court records.

Miller Law – Miller Stern Lawyers, LLC currently represents investors for claims of investment losses against Philip Rousseaux and Everest Wealth Management.  If you or anyone you know have experienced investment losses from the actions above or other situations, please call 410-LAW-FIRM or fill out the contact us form for a no cost consultation and evaluation of your claim.


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