J.P. Morgan to Pay $4 Million to Client

Miller Stern Lawyers is currently investigating claims against J.P. Morgan. According to Advisor Hub and industry records, J.P. Morgan Advisors was ordered to pay $4 million in damages to a former client in their San Francisco office.

Industry records confirms that Lacey Winston Keath alleged unsuitability in filings against J.P. Morgan’s traditional brokerage unit in high-risk equities and junk bonds–without authorization, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority award.

A J.P. Morgan spokeswoman declined to comment on the arbitration outcome or underlying dispute.

According to Advisor Hub, the broker on the accounts may be Turley, whose CRD record includes a summary of the complaint from Keath, although to be clear he was not named in the complain filed.

According to the award, “At the hearing, Claimant requested compensatory damages in the amount of $11,566,405.00, expenses in the amount of $75,843.30, and attorneys’ fees based on a contingency fee of 30% of the net recovery.”

The claims in the case, according to the award, were:

Breach of contract and warranties,

Promissory estoppel

Violation of Consumer Protection and Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Violation of state securities laws

Statutory fraud

Breach of fiduciary duty

Negligence and gross negligence

Misrepresentation/omission and negligent misrepresentation/omission

Unjust enrichment

Failure to supervise

Common law and statutory claims

Vicarious and control person liability

According to Advisor Hub Keath’s attorneys Samuel B. Edwards of Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas in Houston, Texas, and Jeffrey R. Sonn of Sonn Law Group in Aventura, Florida, also declined to comment.

Turley, a 28-year industry veteran who had been with the J.P. Morgan unit since 2009, could not immediately be reached for comment. He was not named as a respondent to Keath’s arbitration claim

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